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Generally relates to the high end

frequencies. The sense that the

sound is focused like a flashlight

beam rather than being delivered

over a wide area.


The low end seems overstated.

There is a sense that it is not tight

and solid, but rather seems flabby

and soft.


Generally a restrained sound

similar to cupping your hands

around your mouth when you talk,

which creates a muddiness.

You feel like you are listening to a

loudspeaker in a box rather than

something which reproduces

music well.


The loudspeaker sounds accurate,

not colored or muddy.


You feel that the loudspeaker has its own sound, like you're listening to the loudspeakers interpretation of what the music should sound like rather than the true sound of the music.

Beamy -
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Boomy -
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Boxy -
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Normal -
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When listening to many instruments, the ability of the speaker to let each instrument have its own clear, clean sound rather than being muddy.


An efficient loudspeaker will sound louder than one that is less efficient at the same amplifier loudness setting.


The degree of accuracy with which sound is reproduced.


The sound lacks clear, clean

definition. Sounds like somebody

stirred the sound up in a big pot.

No distinct definition.


Refers to the voicing of the speaker. It sounds good and reproduces the music in a way that is pleasant to hear.


The sense that the sound is bigger than the size of the loudspeaker.


No coloration, you don't feel like the mechanical speaker is in the way of the sound. You lose the loudspeaker and are only aware of the sound it's reproducing.

Muddy -
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