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Crafting Unforgettable Multimedia Experiences
Making a Sound Investment is what today’s business owners are doing in major metropolises all over the country. Not only are they pouring their money into the visual aesthetics of their restaurants, lounges, hotels, health clubs & retail environments, but they are also improving the sonic atmosphere of these venues. They are investing their dollars in quality audiovisual systems and music programming to help enhance their brands, the environments and ultimately the customer experience.
Retail, Restaurants, Hotels
In this media-rich age, people want to be entertained. It’s up to business owners to entertain their clientele, especially if they want to attract and retain repeat customers. Essential Communications is on the top of the list of whom to call when developing new projects — from the very first conceptual phase. Why, you may ask . . . because sound and architecture go together. They are two of the key ingredients to a successful, fun, glamorous or relaxing environment, depending on what you’re looking to accomplish.
Imagine a new workplace environment that creates better connection, both in person and remotely. Offices can be designed in new, more human-centric ways to support specific modes of productivity. Some areas provide a quiet, dedicated zone for focused work. While other expansive new interactive environments can be optimized for vibrant collaboration. Make all these spaces more inviting and inspiring with the addition of new tools that enhance communication. More engaging conversations are enabled by better-quality video and interactive technologies. Beyond meetings, make sure you’re representing your brand in the best light possible by optimizing presentation studio setups for recording and livestreaming. Enhance the comfort and atmosphere of in-person workplace experiences with curated sound and acoustics.
House of Worship
The modern worship environment continues to evolve and expand to foster community. Connecting and engaging with those who gather in fellowship both near and far, audiovisual technologies can help deliver the message. Designed to suit the needs and voice of your congregation, a customized AV system design can grow and change with your needs. We can help reconfigure and add new media tools to ensure that services reflect and enhance the reasons we come together and worship. Whether it’s sharing the words of scripture or lyrics, or creating an emotional experience of unity through multimedia content, a professional system can deliver your unique expression of faith. Designed with the operator in mind, we can create a solution for easy or automated use, or build out an elaborate show control environment for front-of-house. With any scale of system, video, lighting and sound come together to amplify your intent and keep your congregation connected.
Fitness, Wellness & Spa
As the trend towards fitness has grown, it has opened up a whole new market segment for the sound reinforcement industry. With the number of health clubs and private fitness centers continuing to grow, so too does the need for quality sound and video systems capable of meeting the demands of a health and exercise-conscious clientele. “Music, and how it’s delivered, makes a difference in the success of a fitness environment,” states John Giswold owner of JMG Management, a fitness consulting firm in New York. “Whenever I am consulting with one of my clients on their fitness center, I recommend Essential Communications to create a sound and video system to blend with my fitness environment.”
Audiovisual Systems
Our design engineers will develop a systems solution that works for you and your environment.
Video Surveillance (CCTV)
Integrated IP and analog camera systems with on premises or cloud-based storage.
Card Access
Smart cards & biometrics, identity management systems and hosted acess control.
Cabling & Infrastructure
Well-designed integrated voice & data cabling systems.
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Essential Communications designs and builds systems that are completely unique to each and every environment, whether it’s for retail, restaurants, hospitality, fitness, industrial, corporate or other applications.

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