CASE STUDY: The Rooftop Bar at Mission Pacific

The ocean might be one of the greatest sources of entertainment on earth. With its ever-changing moods, shifting shapes and soothing or crashing sounds, it’s always putting on a show.

That’s probably why the Mission Pacific Hotel in Oceanside, California has a surf cam on its website. Anyone who sees that rooftop view will want to check it out in person. And once they arrive at the Rooftop Bar, they’ll have more than the ocean to keep them entertained.

In order to immerse guests and locals in music and entertainment offerings that are as dynamic as the surf below, Mission Pacific sought the sound advice of Essential Communications to update its Rooftop Bar with a captivating audio experience.

Expanding across the hotel’s entire footprint, eight floors above the ground, The Rooftop Bar was designed to feature as many vibe-shifting hangout areas as there are moods undulating across the water and skyline. The continuous space was carefully segmented into a variety of intimate and vibrant spaces, delivering something for everyone as they take in the view. From the wide-open lounges to the more intimate terrace and cabana areas, there is something for every guest.

Essential Communications worked closely with Mission Pacific to develop the perfect sonic complement to each area’s aesthetic and feeling. Beginning with the entrance area, a wide open roofdeck lounge with plenty of seating areas, the music profile was set to match the energy of this highly social area. During daytime hours, the roof deck is the main hangout, so a portable DJ booth was provided to create a party atmosphere for special events or private parties.

After sunset, the volume gets its biggest boost, when the portable DJ setup moves to the pool deck and the music really gets going. Rounding out the Rooftop scenes is the lanai, an enclosed bar area that provides a more intimate space for socializing.

No matter where guests find themselves, they will be treated to a consistently high level of sonic delight. Essential Communications designed and installed a sound system design that creates even coverage, with plenty of flexibility for increasing or decreasing audio levels to match the mood — or the weather. Each speaker is individually controllable, giving The Rooftop Bar team plenty of freedom to set the sonic scene.

“We wanted each area of the Rooftop Bar to have a vibe to match the aesthetic of the space, and the music is a big part of that,” said Duane Holder, with Mission Pacific. “Throughout the day, as different parts of the roof deck, pool area and bar become the most popular spots, we have a sound system that’s flexible enough to match the mood. And when our guest DJs come to play, we’ve got plenty of power to connect with their audience.”

Designing for outdoor spaces includes keeping an eye toward the elements, and waterproof, weather-rated speakers were selected to withstand the salty air. The open-air architectural design presented some challenges for mounting speakers. There was one steel trellis that came in handy for hanging speakers in one area. But along the length of the west side of the roof, a glass wall provides plenty of clarity for seeing the sunset, but not a lot of places to hang sound equipment. So Essential Communications worked with the hotel team to customize some speaker mounts that could be hidden within the planters that add lush foliage flair across the roof.

No matter where the speakers were planted, the music can be heard with engaging depth and clarity. To make sure every seat was the best seat on the roof, Essential Communications chose specific audio components that can deliver sound across long distances. Then they engineered an audio design that adjusts the sound level to match the mood and vibe of each specific space in the venue.

The result has been an engaged and thrilled crowd, according to Holder. “The Rooftop Bar crowd is way more energized now with the improved sound. And the DJs love the setup, too. Anything that keeps our guests and our talent happy is a good thing.”

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