Long-Standing Harmony: Symetrix & Essential Communications



March 21, 2024

In the ever-evolving realm of audio and video installations, there exists a partnership that resonates with resilience, innovation, and trust. Meet David Schwartz, the visionary founder behind Essential Communications.

Since its inception in 1987, Essential Communications has been a stalwart provider of top-tier audio-video installation solutions for a diverse range of businesses and industries. At the core of their remarkable journey lies an unshakable alliance with Symetrix, a bond that has forged cutting edge projects and a shared narrative of success.

Schwartz’s collaboration with Symetrix traces back to 2002, marking the beginning of a profound relationship with audio innovation. Recalling those early days, Schwartz fondly reminisces, “The first Symetrix I ever purchased was in November 2002 – that was the first DSP I ever used.”

Fast forward to a recent milestone – the ‘Micro Club’ project. The venue itself is a compact space encased with floor-to-ceiling windows perched in a high-rise tower. With residential apartments just two floors above and a history of noise complaints, Micro Club presented unique acoustic challenges that demanded a creative solution. It was here that Symetrix’s DSP technology was a game-changer, ensuring the 1 Sound loudspeakers and acoustic treatment enhanced the club’s sound quality and containment with the new design. “The club would not operate without it,” Schwartz affirms. “At the end of the day, it’s all DSP.”

Building on this, he further elaborates with his favorite reason why he chooses to work with Symetrix’s processing and control products. “It’s like, imagine if the steering wheel was in the backseat facing the other way. And you still had to drive in the right direction?” David said. “You can’t drive a car that way!”.”

In contrast, Schwartz points to the thoughtfulness of Symetrix tools. “There’s an intuitiveness to the way Composer works,” he said. “They are constantly making improvements to it, adding features, and incorporating all these little tricks that turn it into a race car rather than a street car.”

Thanks to Symetrix’s precision in sound control, Essential Communications not only addressed the acoustic intricacies but also secured a prestigious ‘Best Nightclub’ award from Mondo DR magazine, with the DSP technology as the guiding force behind the integrator’s resounding success in the Micro Club project.

While helping the company win awards is important, a different element particularly stands out for Schwartz— the support he receives as a Symetrix customer no matter what the project is. This was particularly notable amidst the supply chain disruptions and the shifts in technology demands during the pandemic. During this challenging period, Schwartz believes that Symetrix proved its steadfast dedication to Essential Communications, as it did for the other companies it works with around the world.

“We had to pivot and transition from Dante implementations back to analogue systems, a shift that posed a few logistical challenges,” recalls Schwartz. “We initially embraced Dante technology for its efficiency in minimizing rack wiring, considering it a ground-breaking solution. However, with the unforeseen supply chain issues, we had to adapt.”

This need to adapt during this time wasn’t unique to Essential Communications, but the support from its manufacturing partners ensured that it went as smoothly as possible. “What truly stood out was Symetrix’s support during this transition,” says Schwartz. “They promptly switched gears, allowing us to smoothly transition back to analogue systems. This level of dedication and flexibility is remarkable, and I’m not certain how many manufacturers would have handled it with such agility and commitment.”

It is factors like this that mean for Schwartz, Symetrix transcends being a mere technology provider – the understanding the manufacturer has of the professional AV industry embodies a philosophy that strikes a deep chord. “They haven’t diluted that message even though there are new owners,“ Schwartz said. “In a world where tech companies often diversify into various realms, Symetrix remains unwaveringly committed to elevating audio. I can’t stress enough their dedication to this industry. We never missed a deadline because of Symetrix–never in two years of the supply chain crisis.”

This approach means that Essential Communications has experienced an excellent working relationship with Symetrix. “We’ve always had constant, direct communication with all their people.” Schwartz continues. “Not a secretary, or an order processing person. We spoke to key people that would provide direct feedback and tell me exactly what was happening. A lot of the other manufacturers in the market are still playing catch up, but thanks to Symetrix, not one of our projects was off the mark of completion.”

The legacy of this partnership is a testament to enduring relationships and shared passion.

As Schwartz aptly describes, “I’m a relationship person, I want to pick up the phone and someone says: ‘Hey David, how are you doing today?’ It’s this personal touch that elevates our partnership beyond mere business transactions. They continue to make me feel valued and there’s total commitment to their brand – that’s the real message.”

Original publication: Long-Standing Harmony: Symetrix & Essential Communications – Symetrix

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