MUSIC SERVICES: Licensed & Curated Music for your Business

MUSIC SERVICES: Licensed & Curated Music for your Business

Grab Attention and Hold On to It !


At Essential Communications, we design commercial free, business music strategies that connect with consumers and set the right mood.
So, whether your customers are youthful urbanites, sophisticated adults, progressive trendsetters, mainstream families or anyone in-between, we have the soundtrack your business needs to reach them. Experience how music can result in longer visits, increased sales, motivated employees and much more.

Essential Communications is passionate about delivering creative entertainment solutions


Deliver Music & Messaging with ease. The industry’s most complete hardware based player enables you to customize, control and unleash your media for maximum customer impact. 

  • Dedicated , field proven reliability
  • Easy plug ‘n’ play set up in minutes for most installations.
  • Advanced online scheduling and mixing of content
  • Dual zone operation: Play two independent zones from one player
  • Read what’s playing: Front panel LCD display shows what’s playing and indicates player health
  • Security for all of your digital media: Encryption standards are up to US Federal Standards
Music Licensing 101
Why does my business need to play licenced music ?

Music is an important component to your business, the songs you choose to play aid in enhancing the environment. Whichever way you use music, one thing’s for sure – music is integral in assisting you to create the right vibe for your business. Music creators have exclusive rights to the music they create, and when businesses want to copy or play their music, music creators have the right to ask for payment for it’s use. This is one of the main ways music creators make a living, and enables them to keep making the songs we love to listen to.

Learn more in this simple explainer animation:

Our Business Music Library

At Essential Communications, we are passionate about music. This is our library where we’ve collected and made available articles about the effects of music in restaurants and retail. You’ll also find useful and informative articles concerning music licensing and the use of music in commercial applications. Feel free to download any articles you find interesting. If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us directly.

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Essential Communications can design and build systems that are completely unique to each and every environment, whether it’s for retail, restaurants, hospitality, fitness, industrial, corporate or other applications.

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